Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Time Warner Digital Internet Phone Services vs Vonage - A product review

I have noticed that Time Warner is saturating Allegany County, and Wellsville, with advertising about their digital Internet phone services. Before you bite take a look at Vonage and consider this. Vonage, not only has much better service, both quality and product, but they also offer many more features, better customer care, a broader calling area (all of the US and many foreign countries) and a lower cost ($5.00+ less than TW for the package). I have been using Vonage for quite a while now and frankly can see no downside in choosing them over the Time Warner system. So if you have broadband access check them out online at or give them a call at 1-800-595-0875.

By way of a personal note. While this is not our purpose in posting this review, you can also help support this community blog and our online ministries if, when you sign up you give them my phone number 585-593-4120 as referring you. I'll get two free months of service and it will not cost you anything. Thanks.

I hope this review helps, but check out Vonage yourself, you will not be sorry.